Centers and Institutes

Philosophical Studies Center (CEF)

Center that promotes research and debate on philosophical issues in different fields of knowledge, current social issues and culture, which coordinates and maximizes the lines of work of philosophy professors in our University.

Center for Oriental Studies (CEO)

Center for the dissemination of literature, folklore and other aspects of Oriental Cultures, such as  Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Indian, through courses, publications and different activities performed in the campus.

Center for the Study, Research and Dissemination of Latin American Music (CEMDLAT)

Center that promotes knowledge, dissemination and appreciation of Latin American music. Founded in 1994, it develops lines of work based on an articulated high level approach that integrates academic and artistic elements.

Architecture and the City Research Center  (CIAC)

Research center aimed at better understanding the complexity of architectural and urban production, seeking to promote solid proposals of quality cities and architecture that contribute to ensure the comprehensive and sustainable territorial development.

Applied Geography Research Center (CIGA)

Research center aimed at consolidating the knowledge management processes and articulating the protocols for basic and applied research, meeting the scientific, professional and educational demands on sustainable human development of our country.  Its education-training experience is proved through the numerous courses, seminar and workshops performed…

Center for Research, Training and Legal Advice (CICAJ)

Center dedicated to the design and execution of academic research projects, and development of training services, consultancy and legal advice to public and private entities, both national and international.

Center for Research on Sociology, Economics, Politics and Anthropology (CISEPA)

Center dedicated to promoting – from an interdisciplinary perspective – basic scientific research and applied research to contribute to the design of developmental projects that address social issues in the country in an innovative manner.

Educational Services and Research Center (CISE)

Center that disseminates the lines of research on Education and educational development projects. It organizes university extension, training and continuing education services at PUCP.