Centers and Institutes

Institute for Radio Astronomy (INRAS-PUCP)

Research institute devoted to promoting and conducting research on radio-astronomy, astrophysics and spatial science and engineering. This is the first institute in a Peruvian university aimed at conducting research on these areas, creating its own infrastructure to observe the universe and opening a new path…

The Riva Agüero Institute (IRA)

School of high humanistic studies located in the historical center of Lima; its members work and disseminate topics related to Archeology, Popular culture and art, Law, History, Language and Literature in order to contribute to a comprehensive understanding of Peru.

Instituto de Ciencias Ómicas y Biotecnología Aplicada (ICOBA)

El ICOBA se concentra en un campo de investigación particularmente innovador:  los estudios en ciencias ómicas. En concordancia con el modelo de trabajo planteado por la Sociedad Max Planck, ICOBA espera atender la fuerte demanda interna de los investigadores PUCP por acceder a instalaciones y…