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On the necessary relation between moral development and worldview

In this article we elaborate on the relationship between morality, moral development, moral education and capitalism. Based on Narvaez’s correct critique of the Western way of life, which is destroying the environment and may one day lead to extinction of life on Earth, we argue that this critique should not be stripped of its political side, meaning that it will not be complete if does not explicitly include capitalism as one of its roots. In the remainder of our commentary, we will try to show that in addition to heart, reason has a strong place in indigenous peoples’ life that is frequently misunderstood. Finally, and taking all this into account, we maintain that moral and citizenship education need to be critical and intercultural, and explicitly discuss economic and political issues that underlie and affect human moral development.

Frisancho, Susana
Delgado, Enrique.
Año: 2016
Título de la revista: The journal of moral education