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Partial-hydrothermal hydrolysis is an effective way to recover bioactives from turmeric wastes

Partial-hydrothermal hydrolysis using pressurized hot water was applied in waste turmeric, derived from extraction processes that employed supercritical and pressurized fluids, as a sustainable alternative for the recovery of bioactive constituents from this material. The reaction products consisted of a liquid extract of fermentable sugars and a solid fraction, which is a mixed biopolymer with relevant composition in terms of starch and antioxidant constituents. The effects of reaction conditions on resulting products were investigated. Economic evaluation was also performed showing that application of partial-hydrothermal hydrolysis from a residual feedstock is feasible in terms of low spend of energy and materials.

Fiorella Patricia CÁRDENAS-TORO, Ádina Lima de SANTANA, Juan Felipe OSORIO-TOBÓN, Caroline Joy STEEL, Maria Angela de Almeida MEIRELES
Año: 2017
Título de la revista: Food Science and Technology
Ciudad: Campinas - Brasil
ISSN: 1678-457X