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Development of yacon (Smanthallus sonchifolius) snacks as functional food product. Market analysis and economic viability for trading in United States.

The present investigation aimed to develop a functional food product with yacon, analysing the market and the trading economic viability in United States. Actually, the customers are worried about to consume products with health-promoting properties. Yacon is and Andean crop with antioxidative, antidiabetic and antimicrobial due to its antioxidant activity and content of phenolic compounds; nevertheless, the development of this raw material as a manufactured product is limited. Peruvian no-traditional exports have increased significantly, and the main destination market is United States, which presents an increase in confectionary industry around 10.7% in last 3 years. Moreover, the prediction is snacks consumption will increase around 3.2-4% annually. Due to this factors, the proposal is to develop a functional snack with yacon, which trading is viable in United States. Thus, the developing of a business in Peru is viable, with a location in Paita, Peru, bringing raw material from Amazonas. The target market is 1% of demand, with a financing from third parties of 65% it is possible to implement an industrial facility with a plant utilization of 96%, and IRR of 73% being higher than OCC (18%), which the profitability of the business is guaranteed

Zárate, H., Rodriguez, F., Vietti-Guzmán, F.
Año: 2016
Título de la revista: Latin-American Congress of Students and Industrial Engineering
Ciudad: Medellin
Volumen: 1
Página inicial - Página final: 119-123