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Desarrollo de Néctares Hipocalóricos Mixtos con Inclusión de Frutos Nativos: Selección y Evaluación de la calidad

The present research aims to include the native Peruvian fruits in the design of drinks with low caloric content. For this purpose, four types of mixed nectares are proposed: A (Pineapple, Camu-camu, Apple and extract of purple Maize), B (Manzana, Sanky and Camu camu), C (Passion Fruit, Mango and Aguaymanto) and D Pineapple and Camu-camu), with a sucrose substitution factor by Stevia of 50%, obtained by a relative intensity of sweetness test. For the selection of the nectar types, a preference classification test was used with 120 panels composed of 18-21 year old students and the data were analyzed with the Friedman test and the Kramer test (α = 0.05), where Obtained formulation A, consisting of 27.9% pulp mixture, 10% corn extract, 57.6% water, 4.06% sugar, 0.19% acidulant, 0.05% Antioxidant, 0.12% stabilizer and 0.05% Stevia powder, as the most preferred nectar. To evaluate its quality, the proximal chemical, physicochemical, microbiological, sensorial acceptability tests were tested using a hedonic scale of 9 points, and its useful life through accelerated tests, using the quality parameters as an indicator of deterioration. From the quality tests, a pH of 3.37 ± 0.08, Brix 6.53 ± 0.30, acidity 0.2868 ± 0.0061, density 1.035 ± 0.006, fats 0.4%, carbohydrates 8.8%, proteins 0.4%, fiber 0.4%, vitamin C 57.4 Mg / 100 g and no caloric content of 40.4 Kcal / 100 g. For a greater acceptability of the drinks it is established that the percentages of incorporation of the fruits are equal to or less than 7.40% in camu-camu, 20.14% in aguaymanto, and 16.67% in sanky, the options may vary depending on the fruits that accompany The formulation. Also, the presence of stevia as a substitute for sucrose by 50% did not give a significant difference in sweetness.

Erick Alvarez, Franco Vietti, Henry Obregón, Wilmer Atoche, y Fredy Huayta.
Año: 2017
Título de la revista: LACCEI International Multi-Conference for Engineering, Education, and Technology
Ciudad: Boca Raton - Florida. EEUU
Volumen: 15
Número: 99
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ISSN: 2414-6390