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A Systematic Review About Quantitative Metrics for the Usability Evaluation of Retail E-commerce Web Sites Based on Open Source Platforms

The fast-growing e-commerce has created a new way to do transactions globally, as a result, more business has to provide online stores to maintain themselves in this new competitive environment. Given that context, it is understandable how much acceptance open-source platforms had received for new businesses, with their lower costs and open community support. Facing this growth in the e-commerce domain, the relevance of usability is even more significant. For this reason, metrics that can be used to determine whether a software product meets the appropriate level of usability are needed. However, the traditional metrics fail to cover all aspects that these open-source platforms. Because of that, this article presents a systematic review to identify metrics that can measure the degree of usability. It also shows the most reported aspects that are needed to measure in e-commerce websites based on open-source platforms.

Año: 2022
Título de la revista: 24th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction. HCII 2022: Design, User Experience, and Usability: UX Research, Design, and Assessment
Ciudad: Gothenburg
Página inicial - Página final: 484–503
ISSN: 978-3-031-05897-4