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Image Processing for Skin Ulcers in Tropical Areas (IMPULSO)

This project is oriented to basic research on image processing techniques applied to optical, hyperspectral and ultrasonic images. The goal is to extract features from these images which may have the potential to improve diagnosis and monitoring of treatment at primary health-care units in tropical areas.
A research network which integrates knowledge of dermatology, 3D imaging, hyperspectral imaging, ultrasonic imaging, tissue engineering and photodynamic therapy will be formed. The synergetic collaboration will aim to identify the best imaging features which can then be readily translated into point of care devices which can benefit the healthcare decision process in tropical areas with respect to skin ulcers.
In addition, this network will work within a conceptual framework which is not part of current proposal but it will guide towards computer-aided-diagnosis to a wide number of primary health settings via telemedicine tools. Therefore, the ultimate outcomes of this network is to have an impact on public health of under-served areas settings through improvement of diagnosis and treatment follow up of skin wounds.

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Proyecto de Monitoreo 3D de la evolución de las heridas LC

El presente proyecto presenta una herramienta de monitoreo de las heridas en 3D para realizar el seguimiento de las heridas LC empleando un escáner laser 3D y algoritmos de visión por computadora. Una malla en 3D de la herida es obtenida por un escáner láser 3D comercial.

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