AIUM/QIBA Pulse-Echo Quantitative Ultrasound biomarker Comittee

Date: 28 August, 2020

Dr. Lavarello is currently a member of the AIUM / QIBA Pulse-Echo Quantitative Ultrasound biomarker committee. This committee consists of representatives from different parts of the world who come from the academic, clinical and industrial world. On the academic side, there are representatives with extensive research experience in quantitative ultrasound techniques (sound speed, attenuation, and backscatter coefficients). On the clinical side, it has researchers who have carried out pre-clinical or translational studies which include applications in animals and humans. On the industry side there are representatives of the main medical equipment companies. The objective of the committee is to make a proposal that leads to a standardized protocol for the study of hepatic steatosis (fatty liver).

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