Webinar: How to promote your research and track its engagement in the Altmetric Explorer

  • Fechas:
    Del 15 al 15 de Setiembre del 2021, de 9:00 a.m. a 10:00 a.m.
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Join us for this webinar that will help you begin to create a strategy to promote your work after its publication. This webinar will give you some ideas of how to promote your work via, twitter, blogs and podcasts. It will also give you the knowledge you need to then track that attention in the Altmetric Explorer.

Learning outcomes:

  • Have a broader understanding of promoting your publications, using twitter, blogs and podcasts, although these ideas are not limited to just these social media sources.
  • Learn how to track the online attention of your work within the Altmetric Explorer.
  • Gain an understanding of which journal may be the most suitable for your work, by looking at the online reach they have.

This webinar is suitable for anyone looking to broaden their knowledge of easy ways to promote their work online and to build networks outside of their own departments, as well as giving both specific use cases of tracking attention in the Altmetric Explorer, but also a brief overview of what information the Altmetric Explorer can give you.

If you’re an existing customer of Altmetric, please make sure to sign up for your personal log in using your institutional/company email address before the date of the webinar so that you can create and save your own searches after viewing the live demonstration.