Applied Research on Development AXIS ARTE Group

Unidad académica:
Affiliated to VRI
Tipo de investigación:
Año de fundación:
Edith Rosa Luisa Meneses Luy(Professor)


The group aims to offer and generate spaces for creative and innovative  opportunities of interdisciplinary applied research to promote the intercultural feedback and learning, as well as to train human and social capital, through programs and projects in benefit of the development of communities requiring it. It was created by a group of professors of the academic subject of Geometrical Drawing, which belongs to the Art Section of General Studies Arts for Art and Design and share the intention to research an improve the contextualized learning processes.

Temas de investigación:

Arte, diseño y desarrollo. Sistemas de innovación en producción artesanal. Análisis de iconografía prehispánica. Patrimonio local y desarrollo. Turismo responsable. Innovación en el aprendizaje.


626-2000 anexo 5602
lunes a viernes de 9:00 a.m. a 6 p.m.