News 15 December, 2016

PUCP awards

In the first semester of 2016, the Graduate School published the results of the Marco Polo fund. Two of the 14 winners were members of the Medical Imaging Laboratory. Gustavo Ramón Chau Loo Kung obtained funding for the conference presentation…

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News 7 December, 2016

Participación en Conferencias Internacionales

En el 2016, los investigadores del Laboratorio de Imágenes Médicas han participado en cuatro conferencias internacionales y una escuela de verano donde pudieron presentar sus avances de sus trabajos y tesis de maestría. El Simposio Internacional…

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News 5 December, 2016

International Academic Internships

Eduardo Gonzalez started his research in the lab during his undergraduate studies in 2011. His bachelor thesis consisted in developing a low-cost 3D position system installed in an ultrasound transducer, which allowed registration of conventional…

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