Polymer Laboratoy

Dedicated to research in chemistry of polymers, teaching polymers and service of polymers analysis (plastic, fiber and rubber) for enterprises. The lab has a Gel Permeation Chromatograph (GPC), UV/Vis spectrophotometer, pH meter, conductivity meter, surface…

Digital Signal Processing Laboratory

This lab is mainly used as a work place for students of the Master Program of Digital Signal & Image Processing. Likewise, the equipment supports the master thesis and the implementation of financed projects (both…

Electronic Projects Laboratory

This facility has equipment that allows manufacturing circuits and electronic and mechanical systems based on discrete components, integrated circuits, microprocessors, microcontrollers, motors and mechanical parts.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Laboratory

It is the only one that has a Spectrometer in Peru. It includes a BRUKER’s Ultrashield magnet of 300 Mhz – 7 tesla, which was purchased in 2004, and an Advance III console, since June…

Safety, Occupational Health and Ergonomics Laboratory

This lab has gas detector, thermal stress meter, dosimeter, sound-level meters, hygrometer, sample pump, anemometer, lux meter, vibration meter, electromagnetic radiation detector, and stationary bikes for assessing metabolic energy consumption.

Wireless Technologies Laboratory

It has equipment for characterizing and measuring components, equipment of wireless communication, and measuring non-ionizing radiation (NIR). The spectrum analyzers, vector network analyzers, and PSG signal generators of this laboratory use a frequency of 40…

Laboratory of the Applied Geography Research Center (CIGA)

It conducts research works and consultancy on geographical, environmental, land-use planing and rural development topics.

Laboratory of the Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Center (CETAM)

It includes the PLC technologies, CNC, computarized metrology, robotics, CIM, automated technology and CAD-CAE-CAM. It also has a 3D measurement equipment and robots for industrial works, soldering works, charge/discharge of materials, and provides consulting in…