Archeology Laboratory

In charge of processing materials from archaeological excavations in San Jose de Moro (Chepen city). It performs research, pieces analysis, scientific reports publishing, and counseling for students belonging to the Archeology program.

Bioengeering Laboratory

It has specialized equipment for both academic work and undergraduate & graduate researches, in different fields such as biomedical engineering, clinical engineering, rehabilitation, etc. It has analyzers and simulators for verifying biomedical equipment, data acquisition…

Biology Laboratory

This laboratory is dedicated to teaching and researching on biology. It has incubators, microscopes, autoclave, microcentrifuges and ph-meters.

Materials Science Laboratory

This laboratory performs the development and characterization of new variable bandwidth semiconductors.

Optical Communication Laboratory

The laboratory conducts research works on optical transmission technologies and erbium-doped optical lasers. It has equipment for characterization of light sources and optical components, as well as fault detection in laying of optical fiber. It…

Advanced Control Laboratory

It has an infrastructure for conducting research works and advanced control systems. Its modules allow to do experiments such as modelling, design and simulation of linear and non-linear systems, including the use of advanced control…

Software Development Laboratory

Special environment for software research and development in different platforms, access to software development tools, database engines and codes repository.

Electricity Laboratory

Devoted to the field of electric power, machinery and electrical appliances, as well as materials and devices allowing its safe and efficient use. It includes measurement of main electrical quantities (tensile, current, potency and electric…