Analytic Philosophy Research Circle Group

Unidad académica:
Department of Humanities
Tipo de investigación:
Año de fundación:
Eduardo Villanueva Chigne(Professor)


The main purpose of CIFA is the critical and reflexive use of the theoretical tools of analysis, argument and evaluation, developed in the analytic philosophical tradition in order to study and research some of the most fundamental topics of western philosophy.   It aims to strengthen and promote the culture of analytic philosophy in our society through the creation of an exchange network and cooperation between students and national and international analytic philosophers, as well as to disseminate the research work conducted by the group and their members through publications and varied academic events

Temas de investigación:

Filosofía del lenguaje. Epistemología y filosofía de la mente. Filosofía de la lógica y de las matemáticas. Metafísica. Historia de la filosofía analítica. Ética y metaética.