Peruvian Circle of Phenomenology and Hermeneutics

Unidad académica:
Department of Humanities
Tipo de investigación:
Año de fundación:
Rosemary Jane Rizo-Patrón Boylán de Lerner(Professor)


This group aims to reach meta-reflections on the sui generis character of their methodological approaches, looking into the production sources of every sense and truth in the cultural, natural and formal disciplines. It is also aimed at the application of those approaches to contemporary problems (cognitive, epistemological, axiological, ethical, anthropological, social, political, historical-cultural) with a transdisciplinary view that questions the traditional theories which separate the different functions of reason into compartments.  It often organizes workshops, conferences and sessions; it issues publications and explores the new information technologies for its courses and workshops

 Temas de investigación:

Fenomenología y hermenéutica. Reflexiones sobre el carácter sui generis de sus aproximaciones metodológicas. Investigaciones aplicadas a los campos epistemológicos, antropológicos, culturales, sociales, prácticos (ético-políticos).