Centers and Institutes

Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center (CETAM)

CETAM is in charge of disseminating modern technologies for design, manufacture and production management. It also promotes and encourages interdisciplinary work among the programs of Electronic, Industrial, Informatics and Mechanical Engineering. Furthermore, it supports the lines of applied research.

Institute for Sciences of Nature, Territory and Renewable Energies (INTE)

INTE is an institute dedicated to the research, academic training and promotion of ecological, socio-environmental issues, biodiversity, territory and renewable energies.

Corrosion and Protection Institute (ICP)

Institute created by Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú in collaboration with the German government in order to promote better understanding of the characteristics of  corrosion and technology to be applied for its control in our country.

Institute for Democracy and Human Rights (IDEHPUCP)

IDEHPUCP is an academic unit aimed at strengthening democracy and promoting human rights in Peru through the academic and professional training, and research among other responsibilities.

International Studies Institute (IDEI)

Institute aimed at interdisciplinary research on international issues in order to contribute to a better insertion of Peru in the global scenario, through research, consultancy and activities of  academic promotion and dissemination.

Ethnomusicology Institute (IDE)

Institute aimed at researching, preserving and revitalizing the cultural heritage of indigenous and mestizo populations of Andean countries (Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia), through the contextual study and audiovisual documentation of its musical expression.

Institute of Research for the Teaching of Mathematics (IREM)

Institute aimed at the research and development of academic forums both national and international to foster the improvement of the mathematics education quality in different educational levels.

Institute for Public Opinion (IOP)

The Institute for Public Opinion specializes on the academic research of public opinion phenomena with the aim of contributing to understanding and debate on issues of public interest and social importance for the country.